Post Apocalyptic Props Pack

Post Apocalyptic Props Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Post Apocalyptic Props Pack – 34 AAA quality assets to help you make that Post Apocalyptic game you've always wanted!

All assets except the showcase environment are included.

Included assets:

Ammo Can

Ammo Crate


Barrel [2-Variants]

Cage Light [with BP]

Ceiling Light

Chem Light

Chest [2-Variants]

Enamel Cup

Debris Pile

Emergency Flare

Geiger Counter [2-Variants]


Jerry Can [3-Variants]

Kerosene Lamp [2-Variants]

Kerosene Lantern [2-Variants]

Lamp Post

Light Bulb [2-Variants]

Makeshift Light [2-Variants]

Med Kit

Mess Kit

Metal Shelf

Oil Can [3-Variants]

Oil Lamp [with particle system]

Pot Stand

Cinder Block

Fire [2-Variants]

Propane Tank [3-Variants]

Radio [2-Variants]

Stove [2-Variants][with BP]


Wooden Pallet

Technical Details


34 individual AAA quality assets
Fully PBR materials with at least 3 textures per material
Multiple material variations per some assets

Texture Sizes:


Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes/Automatically generated

Vertex Count: From 92 to 6524 triangles

LODs: Base LOD only/Easily scalable materials

Number of Meshes: 38

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 64

Number of Textures: 162

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Yes/

Important/Additional Notes: Some UV overlap warnings are due saving texture space(getting better texture resolution) by overlapping repeating features on a mesh.
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