Forest - Environment Set v4.21-4.25

Forest - Environment Set

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Forest – Environment Set: Huge foliage library for forest environment, landscape, and mountains.

Assets are optimized, trees contain cross lod’s. All assets 100% photoscanned

This pack contain:

- Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD’ed;

- Group of materials which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow,

Tesseled and non tesseled height blended landscape materials (8 layers) with switches for UV mix, color mix, highly optimised.
Advanced rocks and objects materials with automatic slope cover. Everything promised, planar, triplanar and mask, slope covers, with switches to keep only useful features.
Water materials for river / lake and swamp

- All demo files from video are included in asset

- Rocks, slopes, roots with leaves, grass, moss, sand cover blueprints

- In trees you will find: plants, small trees, small forest trees, medium, big standalone, forest and dead.

- Wooden construction set which help you to build bridges and other wooden objects

- Mushroom set to cover landscape and trunks

- Set of roots and trunks, branches to make your forest look full of details.
Technical Details


Height blend, uv mix, color mix, tesselation, 8 layers
17 ground textures sets (43 textures, BC_H, MT_R_AO, N)
Textures: stones, leaves, moss, grass, mud, dirt, sand, wet ground, roots, rocks.
Textures 2048x2048

Rocks, roots, slopes :

Textures 4096x4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
LOD'S 5000-3000/1500/100-300
Blueprints with: no cover, grass, leaves, sand, moss.
6 materials with 23 instances (variants with grass, sand moss etc)


Forest Tree LOD's:6000/1600/700/42(cross)
Big Forest LOD's: 20000-10000/4600-3000/2600-1600/42(cross)
Medium LOD's;7000-5000/3000-1300/1400-500/42(cross)
Young LOD's:1000-500/500-200/42(cross)
Plant LOD's :400-160/200-130/42(cross)
Bushes LOD's: 600-130/130/50
Leaves atlas 4096x4096 (BC_M, MT_R_AO, N, T)
Bark and trunks 512-2048 x 4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
Cross textures 4096x1024

Foliage (grass and plants)

LOD's 150-70/30
Textures 2048x2048 (BC_M, MT_R_AO, N, T)

Details :

Textures 4096x4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
LOD'S 50-10

Small Arcgitecture:

Wood Textures 4096x4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
Stair Textures 4096x4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
Big objects: LOD's 700/200
Small objects LOD's 300-50
2 materials

Collision: Yes automatically generated, trees use capsule,

Number of Meshes:

17 trees
6 bushes
29 plants and grass
8 detail
16 mushrooms
2 roads
2 water
19 rocks
16 branches
8 roots and trunks
9 slopes
45 wood parts
1 bridge blueprint

Asset version: 4.21-4.25
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