Lordenfel: Adventure Environment Pack v4.25

Lordenfel: Adventure Environment Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Lordenfel: Adventure Environment Pack. Design exiting places to explore and fight enemies or emerge players in a story with the power of this environment pack.

Demo Video:

The pack is designed to create indoor/dungeon and outdoor areas of castles with a single set of objects. Supplied with natural assets like rocks, mountains and vegetation, it allows to build large natural scenes as well as complex buildings and ruins.

Works for:

Places to explore, kill enemies and find loot - like old castles, fortresses, ruins, dungeons, forsaken places etc. Multiplayer maps.

Doesn’t work for:

Villages, towns, buildings where people actually live etc. There are little assets at the time to support that. The pack is more about adventure part of games.

Suitable for all camera views from 1-st person to top-down.

Recommended for PC/Console platforms.

Not recommended for mobile platforms.

Technical Details


Over 500 high quality, game ready assets
Game ready demo scene
Modular parts work with 50 units grid snapping
Complete nature set:

Trees, bushes, ferns, grass, ivy, plants and roots

Rock pile, rocks, cliffs, mountains

Foliage assets ready for painting in engine
landscape materials: Grass, Ground, Rocky Ground, Rock and Snow
Floors and walls ready for vertex painting with 3 layers
Clean materials, no unnecessary nodes or texture maps

Number of Unique Meshes: 520

Collision: Custom

Vertex Count: from 4 to 12000 per mesh

LODs: Custom, generally 2 for each asset

Number of Materials: 13 master materials, 60 instances

Number of Textures: 134

Texture Resolutions: generally 2048x2048 or less

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not tested

Known Issues:

Vegetation glows in the dark. Set "Emission" to 0 in the master material to fix this (Fixed in the upcoming update)
Demo level appears too bright. This only happens if you start with one of the standard templates (e.g. Third-Person template). Tweak Exposure Compensation of a PostProcessVolume to fix that.

Asset version: 4.25
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