End Of The World v4.22

End Of The World

Download Unreal Engine Asset – End Of The World – Everythings destroyed and only stormy winds push the dry sand around – environment


Everythings destroyed and only stormy winds push the dry sand around - type of environment. High and lowpoly meshes with lods to populate the scene, storm-particle fx for atmosphere.

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Technical Details

Package includes :

4 levels (as shown in video),
9 master materials
24 material instances
50 meshes
1 storm particle fx
53 textures (4K)


asphalt piles (4) 2-5LODS -- LOD0 2k-13k vertices --- LOD2-LOD4 1500-108 vertices
cement bars piles (3) 1 LODS --- 1600 - 700 vertices
buildings (3) 1 Lod 1300-4500 vertices
ground meshes (10) 5LODS -- LOD0 13K-39K vertices --- LOD5 50-100vertices
wall (1) 3 LODS -- LOD0 7k --- LOD2 500 vertices
Stones (4) 3 LODS -- LOD0 1k --- LOD2 400 vertices
Asphalt pieces (7) 2 LODS -- LOD0 Less than 400 vertices --- LOD1 Less than 50 vertices
Grass (1) 3 LODS -- LOD0 1300 vertices -- LOD2 130 vertices
cement bars single (14) 1 LOD - 48-87 vertices
collisions generated in editor
2 uv channels
scaled to epic skeleton


static mesh materials
underlying material for landscape and 2nd instance in case static mesh is used as landscape
particle materials

Important/Additional Notes:

In the video and in the images, meshes are painted on landscape or on a cube-mesh.
demo levels (shown in video) are not finished game levels, but for a demonstration purposes
tested on windows 64bit

Asset version: 4.22
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