Harbour Pack - Wooden Modular Assets

Harbour Pack - Wooden Modular Assets

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Harbour Pack – Wooden Modular Assets

These modular assets can be used for ships, wooden houses, shipwrecks, and other wooden environments.

NEW BIG UPDATE (14.10.2018): Dozens of additional models, furniture, 2 new buildings, a few furnace types, completely remastered wood material (better resolution).

UPDATE (12.04.2018)

UPDATE (16.03.2018)

UPDATE (03.01.2018)

UPDATE (22.12.2017)

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This pack contains 130 unique modular models, 69 materials (37 materials +32 instances), 6 blueprints and multiple (126) textures. Most meshes have custom collision, several have LODs and there is no overlapping UV's. Inside the pack there is an overview map with small environment which gives a good idea on the scale and geometry of these models. The pack INCLUDES entire ship now and several buildings.
Technical Details


130 meshes

Furniture: Chair, stool, bench, cushions, table, furnace, shelves, chests, boxes, barrels...

(Chair, table and stool can be previewed here: )

Carpets: a few types, colors easy to change, rolled one, spline blueprint
Ropes: Differently shaped and bunched + spline
Lamps: hanging, wall - mounted, standing
Pottery: a few types of ceramic vases and a bowl
Rows: Egyptian and European
Entire war galleon (!) and small modular pieces of modular meshes it consists of (like cannon, beams, grates, planks, sails, masts
Architecture pieces: Roofs, doors, windows, beams, trims, columns, stairs, ladder
Details, such as bottles, coins, cups, paper, cornices, dragon's head, scope

126 Textures:

126 textures from 128 to 4k resolution.
4 k resolution vertex painted M_wood and its instances. Fully parametric, PBR material

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, mostly custom

Vertex Count: Average

LODs: Meshes are optimized and several of them have LODs set up

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, HTML 5, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, HTML 5, Mac

Additional Notes: This pack had already 6 updates. Every time with new content and improvement of old assets. Engine versions: 4.17, 4.18, 4.19, 4.20
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