Medieval Village Megapack with Interiors v4.25

Medieval Village Megapack with Interiors

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Medieval Village Megapack with Interiors

Medieval Village Pack includes various high-quality assets allowing users to create Middle Age village environments. The package includes village houses (both wood and stone), village house construction parts, stables and woodsheds, a windmill, watchtowers and props for middle age village environment. Ruin village houses and ruin construction parts are included.

Technical Details


- 1 Overview Map containing Midle Age village houses, construction parts and village props.

- 6 Blueprint Houses with interior furnitures.

- 15 Medieval Assembled Village Houses both wood and stone constructed (4 ruin).

- 8 Stables And Woodsheds.

- 2 Watchtowers.

- 1 Medieval Windmill.

- Various Building Part Meshes for building construction (walls, roofs, doors, windows etc.).

- Various Prop Meshes both for interior and exterior

Number of Unique Meshes: 267

Collision: Yes, Both handmade collision and automatically generated collision.

LODs: Yes, 3 LODs.

Vertex Count: 36 (SM_FloorCapPlank_01), 109.527 (SM_VillageHouse_13_Combined)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 Material Functions, 4 Materials, 42 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 129

Texture Resolutions: (2048x2048) to (4096x4096)

Asset version: 4.25
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