Middle Eastern Village v4.23

Middle Eastern Village

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Ironbelly Middle Eastern Environment Pack featuring modular building materials, prop meshes, and more!

Designed with a Middle Eastern village in mind. The materials and props are perfect for any FPS or Open World project. The meshes and materials are modular and ready for customization / interchangeability. All props and meshes are made with stunning PBR textures (2k and 4k).
Technical Details

36 AAA Modular House Pieces (2 LODs for each piece)

Awning 4x4
Door 1
Door 2
Floor 2x2
Floor 4x4
Gravel 4x4
Porch Wall 1
Porch Wall 2
Porch Wall Convex
Roof 2x2
Roof 4x4
Roof Ledge 1 Concave
Roof Ledge 1 Convex
Roof Ledge 1 Straight 1
Roof Ledge 1 Straight 2
Roof Ledge 2 Concave
Roof Ledge 2 Convex
Roof Ledge 2 Straight 1
Roof Ledge 2 Straight 2
Staircase Ceiling
Staircase Floor
Wall Concave
Wall Convex
Wall Door 1
Wall Door 2
Wall Window 1
Wall Window 2
Wall Window 3
Wall Window 4
Window 1
Window 2
Window 3
Wooden Gate
Wooden Post

28 AAA Quality Prop Meshes (1-3 LODs for each prop)

Clay Pot 1
Clay Pot 2
Clay Pot 3
Drum 1
Drum 2
Fuel Tank
Gas Can
Lamp 1
Lamp 2
Lamp 3
Metal Bucket 1
Metal Bucket 2 (
Oriental Rug 1
Oriental Rug 2
Oriental Rug 3
Sandbag Pile
Tire 1
Tire 2
Tire 3
Wicker Basket 1
Wicker Basket 2
Wicker Basket 3
Wooden Bench
Wooden Crate 1
Wooden Crate 2
Wooden Pallet 1
Wooden Pallet 2

11 Nature Props

Cactus x5
Palm Tree
Assortment of Cliffs and Rocks
Stone Wall

139 PBR Textures for all Modular Pieces and Props (2048x2048 / 4096x4096)

Base Color
Ambient Occlusion

Asset version: 4.23
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