Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Scene v4.24

Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Scene

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Scene

Last Bastion, the final place for mankind to find purpose after the world collapsed after a viral outbreak.

The scene comes with 4 different scenes including (Day, night, Compact, and Asset preview scene) and over 150 assets to breakdown or construct your own things with.

All the different sets of pipes can be adjusted on the fly through use of material instances and give you quick iteration options for your own scenes.

Additional Information:

This package includes the full Industrial Pipe Package seen here, so there is no need to buy the pipes as seperate additional assets.
Technical Details


150+ assets
PBR Materials
Advanced Pipe Shader, quick iteration
Mixture of Dynamic and Static lighting
LODs for models
Includes multiple variations of preview scenes for lighting breakdown
Includes the full Industrial Pipes Package bundle

Texture Sizes:

4k (10)
2k (83)
2k x 1k (6)
1k (4)
1k x 512 (10)

Collision: Yes, auto generated

Vertex Count: 300 - 4000

LODs: Yes, auto generated

Number of Meshes: 158

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 47

Number of Textures: 117

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Asset version: 4.24
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