Dragon.IK - Universal IK System v4.23-4.25

Dragon.IK - Universal IK System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Dragon.IK - Universal IK System – An All-in-One plugin tool for easily creating IK for animals and humans

The aim of this plugin is to save time and energy for giving a realistic and smooth IK solution for various types of animals using only simple animation Blueprints.

The plugin aims to provide IK to different types of animals such as

Quadrupeds - eg:- Wolves , dogs etc

Bipeds - eg:- T-Rex , Birds , humans etc

Spiders - eg:- Multi-legged creatures such as spiders and scorpions etc

Snakes - eg:- Snakes & Worms

Example Project Link (4.24) (Downloadable Github project) :

discord support channel :

[Best to contact me in discord for questions or clearing doubts]
Technical Details


Provides foot and spine ik for animals of quadruped,biped and spider types
Two animation Blueprints are provided . The "Dragon Spine Solver" and the "Dragon Foot Solver".

Code Modules:

AnimGraphNode_DragonFeetSolver.h : Derived from AnimGraph_SkeletalControlBase
AnimGraphNode_DragonSpineSolver.h : Derived from AnimGraph_SkeletalControlBase
Dragon_Ik_Tools.h : Derived from IModuleInterface
Dragon_Ik_ToolsBPLibrary.h : Derived from UBlueprintFunctionLibrary
Module Dependancies : ["Core", "CoreUObject", "Engine", "InputCore", "AnimationCore", "AnimGraph", "AnimGraphRuntime", "UnrealEd", "BlueprintGraph"]

Number of Blueprints: 2 Animation Blueprints (Dragon_SpineSolver and Dragon_FootSolver)

Number of C++ Classes: 2 Main classes (AnimGraphNode_DragonFeetSolver.cpp and AnimGraphNode_DragonSpineSolver.cpp) and one static support class [DragonIK_Library]

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC ,Mac and Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC,Mac,Linux and Android. Other platforms require testing.

Asset version: 4.23-4.25
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