Modular Viking Sword Master

Modular Viking Sword Master

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Modular Viking Sword Master

Modular Viking Warrior armor set with naked body, body parts, props, hair and weapons.

Update: 19.09.18

Two head variations, two hairstyles and one helmet variation were added.

Update: 10.06.19

Fixed up IK joints. LODs removed.

The Viking model design based on historical

references. Warrior is dressed up Lamellar armour and baggy pants. Armed with

short sword and round shape shield

Parts of the armor are separated by classic RPG game


- Cuirass (Combined with pants)

- Helmet

- Gauntlets (Bracers)

- Boots

Full naked Body mesh and naked Body mesh with

separated body parts.

Body Parts:

- Head (with part of neck)

- Body (without head, arms and feet)

- Arms

- Feet

High quality triple-A Textures. 4k for Cuirass, 2k for

other parts. The asset includes many RGB channels mask for a lot of

custom variations of the color tint. Realistic skin Materials including SSS data. Very realistic hair, facial hair and fur cape based on Epic Hair Material template. The pack includes 17 modular mesh parts, 67 master materials and Materials instances for advanced customization.The Skeletal mesh based on an Epic Skeleton with a few extra bones.

* The package includes two variations of the faceAlso basic Facial Rig. With one facial expression as a

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Completely compatible with Epic Skeleton (UE4 mannequin)

Number of characters: 17

Vertex counts of characters: 30k

Texture Resolutions: 4096 , 2048 , 1024

Number of Animations: Third Person Template animations examples + One facial expression as a bonus.

Intended Platform: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: No

Important\Additional Notes: No

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