RTS Kit v4.25


RTS Kit is a real-time strategy template with many features inherent in this game genre, such as building construction, resource extraction, research, territory exploration, and battle with the enemy.

Technical Details



Worker - builds buildings, extracts resources.

Soldier - patrols, scouts, attacks

Howitzer - powerful self-propelled gun with radial damage


Base - you can create workers

Barracks - you can create soldiers

Factory - you can create howitzers

Market - exchange of resources, a kind of exchange

Library - you can do research

Tower - increases visibility

Gold Mine with limited resources

Metal Mine with limited resources

Resource Sawmill

Studies you can study at the Library: Increase soldier armor; Increase howitzer armor; Increase building armor; Increase worker productivity; Pump the Economy

The AI that builds buildings, hires workers, builds troops, extracts resources, conducts research, and plays against you. Attacks your troops, destroys your buildings.

Control in the style of RTS (without selection box)

RTS camera

Building structure (ghost building, red building if one cannot build)

Fog OF War System

23 sounds ( sound files Wav_ex3, Wav_ex4, Wav_ex5, Wav_ex6, Wav_rts_anvil, Wav_rts_barracks, Wav_rts_exchange, Wav_rts_factory, Wav_rts_factory2, Wav_rts_goldMine, Wav_rts_howtizer_sound, Wav_rts_market1, Wav_rts_sawmill, Wav_rts_tower1, Wav_rts_tower1 were taken from )

All characters and buildings have a widget above them that shows their health, strength.

Number of Blueprints: 30 (and 30 widget blueprints)

Input: Keyboard, Mouse.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: All scripts commented

Asset version: 4.25
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