Classic Shooter

Classic Shooter

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Classic Shooter starter pack with weapons, models and animations, pickups, doors, switches, enemies with AI and more...

Classic Shooter got everything you need to start building a classic shooter game!

Over 15 hours of video tutorials covering the entire pack node by node.

Game in development based on the pack: Bloom

Weapons: Fists, Pistol, Shotgun, Double Shotgun, Minigun, Plasmagun, Bazooka

Pickups: Medkits, Potions, Armor, Invulnerability, Mega Health, Keys, Berserk w/ regeneration

Enemies (with AI): Fire Demon, Shotgun Shooter, Flamethrowers Shooter, Homing Missile Demon, Melee Monster, Zombie, Green Fire Demon, Rocket Demon Boss

Level assets: Monsters spawning pentagrams, Doors, Switches, Objects moving blueprint, Secret area, Monsters, items, secrets count on level clear, Exploding barrels

Menus: Main Menu, Pause Menu, Games, Graphics, Sound Options, Game Over menu
Technical Details


100% in Blueprint
4k textures
Over 100 animations
Over 50 models
Over 50 blueprints

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