Turret Controller

Turret Controller

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Turret Controller

This contains blueprint components that can be dropped into an existing actor and can control rotation of other components, orienting them to point at what a camera is looking at. Includes Turret Controller, a Camera Controller, and a Demo Turret.


-Turret Controller

-Camera Controller

-Demo Turret Assets

The main part of this pack is an actor component that can be dropped into a blueprint and with just a few naming rules on other components allow the player to rotate them to point at the cameras target. This controller can allow for multiple turrets to be controlled, with specific options governing each ones rates of rotation and the limits of how far it can turn in various directions. It also provides some useful information that can be accessed in the blueprints, such as which turrets are currently facing the targeted location or how far the target location is from a given turret. This is an easy out of the box controller pack to let you make whatever art assets you have quickly become something you can easily rotate to face your targeted location, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. Be it a tank, battleship, or fortress this blueprint can help you operate your turrets.

This controller is also made so it can be deactivated and activated as is needed, be it completely or just for individual turrets. This can allow some turrets to become inactive if destroyed, or possibly controlled by another controller or system if needed.

Also included is a camera controller that can control a camera attached to a spring arm in any actor with some simple input events. While included, the turret controller can use any means of camera control you may have.

Lastly, there is a Turret art asset included with this packaged.

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Technical Details


Turret Controller can set the rotation of any other components in its actor, with each turret consisting of one horizontally rotating base component and one vertically rotating barrel component.
Works at any angle and with moving actors.
Multiple options and feedback variables.
Camera Controller allows the you to easily take control of a camera on your actor by simply providing it axis inputs to a custom event.
Turret art asset, includes textures and masks with materials allowing for customized look.

Includes 2 actor component blueprints, 1 actor blueprint, and 4 pawn blueprints.

Turret_Controller (actor component)

Camera_controller (actor component)

Turret_Projectile (actor)

Turret_Overview (pawn)

Turret_Overview2 (pawn)

Turret_Demo (pawn)

Turret_Demo2 (pawn)

Includes 6 Static Meshes:

- Barrel: 1354 vertices.

-Turret: 933 vertices.

-Turret_Base: 540 vertices.

-Optic_Base: 401 vertices.

-Optic_Turret: 156 vertices.

-Optic_Barrel: 527 vertices.

(All Meshes use automatically generated collisions)

4 Master Materials, 3 Instance Materials

8 Textures

Input: The Demo Project Is set up to use Mouse (For controlling the camera) and Keyboard (for swapping between actors). You can use whatever inputs you may want though.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

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