Easy Swim Component - Make Water Swimmable v4.24-4.25

Easy Swim Component - Make Water Swimmable

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Easy Swim Component – Make Water Swimmable

A fully networked drag and drop component that makes it easy to make any water swimmable, including effects, post processing, animations, and more.

Easy Swim Component is a fully component based swimming project, that makes it easy to add and set up, while still giving favorable swimming results. There are many built in features that give a good foundation to expand upon for your personal project.

Make any water volume swimmable in minutes.

Drag an drop.

All blueprints are heavily commented and organized.

Nothing runs on tick; light on performance.
Technical Details


Water volumes with a customizable water material example
Water exclusion volumes - negate the water volume (for creating air pockets, under-water caves, etc.)
4D Swimming
Swim locking
Anti-surface pop - so character does not "jump" when touching the surface
Post process effects - reacts to different water settings
Swim 'sprinting'
Swim up/down
Special jumps when jumping into water
19 swimming animations and 4 jump loops
Particles and events on specific points of contact
Easy to add to existing projects
Network replicated

Number of Blueprints: 3

Easy Swimming Component
Easy Water Volume
Water Negation Volume (For creating air pockets inside the water volume)

Number of Animations:

19 Swimming
4 jumping
1 idle
3 fist pumping

Input: (Gamepad, Keyboard)

Network Replicated: (Yes)

Supported Development Platforms: (PC, Console) Should work on any though

Asset version: 4.24-4.25
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