FPP Melee Animset v4.25

FPP Melee Animset

Download Unreal Engine Asset – FPP Melee Animset: 360 FPP animations for 5 medieval weapons - sword, spear, halberd etc.

360 FPP animations for 5 weapons:

Sword / Axe / Mace and (optional) Shield:
Longsword / Two-handed sword:
Halberd / Two-handed axe:

Example gameplay built with this pack:

Link: animation list

Those five First Person Perspective animation sets allow you to build gameplay for virtually any melee weapon. FPP camera and weapon models can be attached directly to head and hand bones - no special prop bones are needed.

This is not a full body animation set. Legs are animated only if necessary (in kick animation for example). Character controller is not included - just 360 animations for building your FPP game.

More at
Technical Details


360 FPP animations for 5 different weapons

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Characters: 1 - Default UE4 Mannequin

Number of Animations: 360

Animation types: In-place FPP

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All


Important/Additional Notes:

Those are FPP animations only, legs are often not animated and not to be shown, except if needed (for kick or slide for example). Attach the camera directly to the head bone and weapons to right hand bone. Spear and shield are an exception - attach them to the left hand bone, not right.

I strongly recommend using characters rigged to Epic skeleton when using those animations, but if your FPP character has a different skeleton and you need to retarget the motions, using IK on the hands, to stabilize them on the weapon grip, might come in handy.

FBX source files can be found in ...Content\FPPMeleeAnimset\SourceFiles\ (zip files are not visible in Editor, access outside of Editor).

Asset version: 4.25
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