Hydroform Ocean System v1.39a

Hydroform Ocean System

Download Unity Asset – Hydroform Water System has AAA quality and performance built by an industry professional.

*** Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not happy with Hydroform then let me know within 30 days and your purchase will happily be refunded.

Hydroforms main advantage over other water systems is that the waves are 100% GPU generated which has many benefits:

-No CPU resources are used
-No vertex data needs to be copied to the GPU every frame
-It runs pretty much anywhere
*Note - not optimized for mobile
-Amplitude, frequency, speed, wave complexity, etc can be modified in realtime
-Easy to integrate and maintain
-It runs in the editor and looks the same as in game mode
-It is simple, flexible, and fast

Another great feature of the Hydroform Ocean System is the realistic shoreline rendering:

-Shore detection is automatic - just drop the water in and it works!
-Waves fall off in shallow water so high amplitude waves don’t overrun shoreline
-Animated foam rendered on shoreline with full control over color, depth, speed, and frequency of the foam

Other features:
-Volume culling to remove ocean from unwanted areas
-Fine grained control over performance - set the vertex density, wave complexity, and patch size to suit nearly any target platform
-Truly infinite ocean - it will always render out to any far plane distance without any extra performance hit - great for flight games/simulations
-Loads of controls for different looking oceans
-Screenspace reflections (super fast in high complexity scenes!)
-Subsurface scattering
-Deep water whitecaps
-Fast height queries
-Does not use finicky compute shaders
-Looks great both up-close and far away
-Full control over shallow and deep water colors
-Control over wave damping in shallow water

Asset version: 1.39a
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