Fast Shadow Receiver v1.4.2

Fast Shadow Receiver

Fast Shadow Receiver – download Unity asset

Shadows are very important aspects in 3D space. However, shadow rendering is GPU intensive process. Fast Shadow Receiver makes shadow rendering much faster by minimizing the area where shadows are drawn.
This is the real solution to the shadow performance problem on low-end mobile devices.

Also, Fast Shadow Receiver provides a useful mesh search tree called “Mesh Tree” which is used to search for polygons which are receiving shadows. Mesh Tree is useful not only for shadows but also for various purpose such as light projection, bullet marks, AI, and so on.

- Lightmaps and Shadowmasks are available in Projector materials (example: Blob Shadow Projector with mixed lighting) (Version 1.5.0)
- It works with Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) (more details...)
- Easy Setup Wizard
- Works with Blob Shadow Projector
- Also works with Light Projector / Bullet Marks.
- Shadow-map is also supported.
- It can cast shadows on non-flat surface.
- Really fast, even on low-end mobile devices!
- Accompanied with fast (but no falloff) projector shader.
- Optimized for multi-core processors.
- Terrain is supported (Only Blob Shadow Projector)
- Unity Pro is not required

Asset version: 1.4.2
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