Map-ity v2.1.3


Map-ity allows you to use any real world locations by providing access to Open Street Map data.

Use it to get a lists of roads, waterways and buildings to use in your scene! You can even break down the data into different classifications such as:
- Motorway (primrary or secondary road)
- Canal or river

Compatible with WorldComposer.
Compatible with BuildR - Building Generator. - Sample package included.
Compatible with SuperSplines


- Custom Inspector.
- Works at Runtime or in Editor.
- Supports Unity 2D.
- Download the map data for your current location on mobile devices, or use a previously saved file.
- Get lists of: Roads, waterways, buildings, relations ( e.g. Bus Routes )
- Gets the height of locations using satelite topography
- Render Gizmos showing the map in editor.
- Event driven.

Does not support WebPlayer or WebGL.
Downloading map data requires an internet connection.
Querying height data requires a free account.

Asset version: 2.1.3
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