Wall Vision Outline Image Effect v1.0

Wall Vision Outline Image Effect

Wall Vision Outline Image Effect – download Unity asset

Attention: Requires Unity Pro
The Wall Vision Outline Image Effect needs deferred rendering and the Standard Assets Image Effects (PRO).

The Wall Vision Outline Effects makes some objects visible behind other objects. The effect is customizable in many ways to define your very own Wall Vision Outline Effect.

Simply create a layer for all the occluding objects and one for all the objects that should be visible behind the occluding ones. Drop the WallVisionOutlineEffect on your Camera and set the layer mask properties in the script. It is that simple!

You can customize the effect in various ways (see screenshots): Choose your favourite color, define a ramp for the visibility and use a pattern overlay to make the effect more interesting. You can even use the different instances of this effect on he same camera, to color different layers differently, for instance enemies red and friends green.

Asset version: 1.0
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