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This noise generation library has been designed for realtime usage from the ground up, so is ideal for large procedural terrain generation. Performance comparisons to other noise libraries

* Value Noise 2D, 3D
* Perlin Noise 2D, 3D
* Simplex Noise 2D, 3D, 4D
* Cubic Noise 2D, 3D
* Gradient Perturb 2D, 3D
* Multiple fractal options for all of the above
* Cellular (Worley) Noise 2D, 3D
* Continuous Cave Noise 3D
* White Noise 2D, 3D, 4D
* Supports floats or doubles

This package also includes FastNoise SIMD, which utilises SIMD CPU instructions to gain huge performance boosts. It is slightly less flexible and can only be used on platforms that support native code, but if you can I would highly suggest using this for heavy noise generation loads.
I am the author of these 2 noise libraries, they are open source and can be found here:

There are several extras that you get from purchasing this package:

* Unity editor integration with live preview
* Precompiled C++ libraries for FastNoise SIMD (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS)
* C# interface to use FastNoise SIMD
* Voxel terrain engine
* Help support continued development of these open source noise libraries

The voxel terrain engine is a simple but well optimised example of how to use noise to generate infinite terrains, it features:

* Chunk management system
* Infinite generation in all 3 axis
* Multi-threaded terrain generation
* Baked ambient occlusion
* Naive surface meshing
* Flexible classes allow easy customisation
* 6 different terrain generators
* Commented code to help people understand the workings of a voxel engine

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