Advanced Builder v1.3.4

Advanced Builder

Advanced Builder provides an easy way to build in one click, multiple versions of your game on a lot of platforms.

For example, with one click, Advanced Builder will build a Demo and Paid version of your game on 4 different platforms (that's 8 builds in one click).

- Manage multiple versions of your game,
- Build on multiple platforms in one click,
- Switch in one click between multiple configurations to test your game in the Editor,
- Define a clean destination path for all your builds,
- Add your custom pre/post build script,
- Distribution platforms (to deal with Google Play, Amazon Store for example...),
- Use different scripting defines for each configuration,
- Choose the scenes you want to include in each configuration,
- Clean C# code.

- If you want to automatically build multiple version of your game with Advanced Builder, you will absolutely need Unity Pro or Unity 5 (because custom builds requires Unity Pro). BUT you can manually set a configuration via the 'Project Configuration' window. So you'll have to click on a button to set the configuration you want, and then build manually every configuration.
- This tool does NOT allow you to build for iOS on a Windows/Linux machine. You need a Mac for that.

Continuously supported since January 2014!

Asset version: 1.3.4
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