Mega Scatter v1.26

Mega Scatter

MegaScatter is a procedural object placer which gives you great freedom to create complex detailed scenes using a fraction of the memory of normal object placement for smaller file sizes and faster load times. Objects can be scattered using splines or textures to control the areas and the layer based mesh system gives you total control over the scattering process. Objects can be scattered in Editor mode or at runtime with complete scripting API to control all aspects of the system. Meshes can be combined to reduce draw calls for even greater performance. Complete spline system also included. Works on all versions of Unity and all platforms and is compatible with Unity 5.
Early Adopter Price.
MegaScatter Features:
- Massively reduces your game file size
- Reduces level loading times
- Runtime scatter options
- Rescatter at any time
- Use to adapt your scene complexity based on device
- Have multiple scatter scenarios to quickly change your levels, ideal for seasons.
- 6 Different scatter layer options to choose from
- Use textures to mask areas for scattering
- Option for simple proxy meshes for colliders
- Will avoid scattering on or near selected objects
- Add noise to your objects to vary your meshes
- Full control over variations of color, size, rotation on scatters
- Set slope limits to stop scattering on steep slopes
- Automatically align scattered objects with whats under them
- Includes MegaShapes Lite, our Bezier spline system
- Import splines from Maya, Max or Blender
- Import SVG, OSM or KML files
- Full spline to mesh options
- MegaScatter API to allow easy control from scripts

Asset version: 1.26
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