CiDy 2 v1.0

CiDy 2

CiDy 2 is a Unity Integrated City Designer.

This editable city designer works right within Unity's own Scene View, there is no additional Applications needed for CiDy 2

CiDy creates editable procedural roads, intersections and sidewalks. Handles lot division in city blocks. Building placement on lots. Street light placement and clutter objects placement. ie(benches/trash cans)

Tired of Flat Procedural Cities?

CiDy is Integrated with Unity Terrain and can blend your CiDy to unity terrains.

WARNING: Currently Version 2 only works with single terrain and cannot handle a multi terrain setup. This is being updated with the new Unity Terrain System.

OTHER COMPATIBLE ASSETS: Vegetation Pro: CiDy 2 will automatically create Vegetation Masks culling the grass/trees away when generating procedural elements.

Asset version: 1.0
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