Game Data Editor v2.6

Game Data Editor

Game Data Editor is the complete data management package for Unity. Bring your game to life with the Intuitive and Flexible GDE Visual Data Editors or Import your data from a Spreadsheet. Using GDE's generated data classes, accessing your data is simple, fast, and as flexible as your imagination. Do you use Playmaker? Encryption? Google Sheets? GDE has that covered and more.

Save time by editing saved data right in the GDE Item editor. Perfect for cheating your way to test end game content, setting up difficult to attain scenarios, or balance testing.

GDE also provides a simple Random Access API. Great for any reward system i.e. determining random drops for chests, mobs, boss fights, roulette wheels, or whatever your game requires.

But don't take my word for it. Here's some feedback:

I like to thank people like this dev, for having assets that make my life easier. I have bought some that have made it worse this is not one of them.
5 star Asset Store Review

Really increases organization in your project. The Devs are quick to answer questions too. Great product!
5 star Asset Store Review

After installing and a brief tutorial, I was good to go! This is one of the great time savers. Sent in a support email and had a response within 30 minutes! Recommended!
5 star Asset Store Review

:: Flexible, Intuitive Visual Data Editor
:: Read and Update Data at Runtime
:: Easy Random Access API
:: Data Encryption
:: Import/Export to Excel/Google Drive
:: Playmaker Support

Asset version: 2.6
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