Palette Modifier - Texture Color Editor for Low Poly Models v1.0.0

Palette Modifier - Texture Color Editor for Low Poly Models

Free download asset for Unity - Palette Modifier - Texture Color Editor for Low Poly Models

Palette Modifier is an editor extension that allows you to modify, directly inside Unity the colors of a texture atlas used by Low Poly models.

NEW! UV Inspector.

Main Features:
- Per object colors.
- Color highlight.
- Break color sharing.
- Color gradient.
- Texture pattern tint.
- Per object texture save.
- Save modified texture as new texture.

Other Features
- Non destructive workflow.
- Color groups.
- Reset single color to its original value.
- Reset palette colors to their original values.
- Reorderable list of colors.
- Foldable list of colors.

Per Object Colors
Palette Modifier displays in the inspector only the texture colors that are used by the selected object.

Color Highlight
The color selected in the inspector is highlighted. This makes it easy for you to know where this particular color is used on the object.

Break Color Sharing
Palete Modifier creates a copy of the objects mesh. Moves the UVs of the copy to a region of the texture that is unused by other models then saves the new mesh to HDD. The original mesh remains unchanged.

Color Gradient
A color gradient can be applied to a range of colors.

Texture Pattern Tint
Palette Modifier allows you to apply a color tint to segments of the texture atlas that have texture patterns on them.

Per Object Texture Save
The ability to save only the color changes for only a single object.

IMPORTANT - Any unsaved texture changes will be lost when closing the Unity project.

Asset version: 1.0.0
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