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Power Inspector

Power Inspector – download Unity asset

This is not just another custom editor - Power Inspector is a complete rewrite of the Unity inspector!

Power Inspector fixes the pain points of your old inspectors and without any need to integrate it to your code! This is a true must have for everyone working with Unity.

⚡ More than 100 improvements to the inspector experience!

⚡ More than 100 enhanced drawers!


☑ Plug & Play
Making Power Inspector work in plug-and-play fashion has been top priority – just open the Power Inspector window and you’re all set.
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☑ Seamlessly Integrated
Power Inspector is so well integrated it feels like a native part of the editor. It is effortless to make the switch, but very soon you can’t even imagine working in Unity without it!

☑ Highly Compatible
Full compatibility with most other Unity extensions including Odin Inspector, Peek and Hierarchy PRO!
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☑ Goodbye Editors, Hello Drawers!
Power Inspector is built on the power of all-new nestable drawers. These put the inflexible Custom Editors of old to shame, making it easy to extend and remix existing drawers with amazing flexibility.
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☑ Customizable Toolbar
A collection of new workflow-boosting actions are now always right at your fingertips. Adding your own buttons to the toolbar is really simple too.
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☑ Search Box
Just type in a few letters and immediately find exactly what you’re looking.
Working with lists containing thousands of items has never been this easy!
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☑ Split View
Enjoy effortless multitasking without having to jump back and forth between targets.
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☑ Back And Forward Buttons
Back and forward buttons finally seamlessly integrated into the inspector.
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☑ Copy-Paste Any Field
Anything you can see in the inspector now supports copy-paste.
Vector3 fields? Check.
Static Flags? Check.
Texture import settings? Check.
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☑ Inspect Anything
Don’t be limited to working only with fields – Power Inspector let’s you expose properties and methods in the inspector with ease.
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☑ Debug Mode+
Reveal all hidden data with just a few clicks using the new Debug Mode+. Even hidden Components and fields can no longer hide from you.
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☑ New Script Editor
A new script editor adds colorful formatting to your scripts, making them much more pleasant to look at. Line numbering lets you know your exact position and enables you to jump to that line in your external code editor.
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☑ Create Script Wizard
Create new scripts swiftly while keeping your project well organized with help of the Create Script Wizard.
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☑ Keyboard Support Overhauled
Keyboard support in the inspector is no longer an afterthought. Everything you can do with the mouse you can also do with the keyboard – and often so much faster!
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☑ Unmissable Tooltips
New tooltip indicators and automatic tooltip generation from code comments make sure you don’t miss any important information.
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☑ Thoroughly Customizable
Almost every aspect of the inspector experience has been exposed in the preferences so you can adjust everything to pure perfection.
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☑ Easy To Extend
Want to add new drawers, toolbar items or even customize the whole drawer building pipeline? It’s all easily doable!
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☑ Carefully Optimized
Innumerable hours have been spent optimizing the code to ensure a smooth user experience.
Advanced techniques like object pooling and multi-threading are used behind the scenes to make sure that everything remains fluid and responsive at all times.

☑ In-Editor Documentation
The in-editor documentation window automatically gives you information about new features as you encounter them.

☑ And Much, Much, Much More…
Power Inspector packs in way too many improvements to recount them all here. You can rest assured that many paint points have been dealt with. You can find more information on all features in the online documentation.

Asset version: 1.3.2
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