2D Physics Toolkit

2D Physics Toolkit

2D Collider Pro Toolkit is your one stop solution for working with Unity 2D Colliders. It also includes complementary methods for 2D Physcs Raycast.

This toolkit is located under Tools / 2D Collider Pro

● 2D Camera Collider
This component creates 2D camera border collider. If you move or resize your camera, collider will dynamically change its points.

● 2D Custom Colliders
Arc Collider 2D creates 2D edge collider with Arc settings.
Skew Collider 2D creates 2D polygon collider with Skew settings.
Spiral Collider 2D creates 2D edge collider with Spiral settings.

● Show 2D Collider
This component creates visual zone of your 2D collider, which is perfect for debugging. You can set individual settings for all your 2D colliders.

● 2D Sorting Raycast
2D Sorting Raycast is a static method of _2D_Collider_Pro static class. It is a raycast based on 2D Sorting, that returns sprite's collider hit info with highest priority sorted value (returns RaycastHit2D).

● 2D Bounds Collider
It will create 2D collider from sprite bounds at runtime. Works with static and animated sprites.

● 2D Reflection
This component creates 2D ray, which is reflected by mirrors (layer), and stopped by obstacles (layer). You can use Line Renderer for ray visualization.

● 2D Drag
2 type of rigidbody drag - Kinematic and Hinge.

● 2D Trajectory
Trajectory system with Line visualization. Also support reflection trajectory.

* Full C# source code , example scenes and documentation included.
** Also there are a lot of new features that will come with next updates.
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