Pure FPP Controller v1.5

Pure FPP Controller

Clean and Simple FPP Controller for any First Person game!

Pure FPP Controller is a movement template for any First Person Game you may need. It gives you the most essential movement features, which can be applied to most of the modern games: will it be a fast-paced arena FPS shooter, a sci-fi military adventure game, a fantasy walking simulator or a dynamic 3D Platformer - Pure FPP fits all, while being a lot smoother in use than Standard Assets FPS Controller.

This system uses Unity Character Controller and features:
-Walk, run and crouch speeds
-Randomised sounds on different actions
-Multi Jump (double jump, triple jump, you name it!)
-Separate Gravity option
-Customisable Input
-Separate Sensitivity for horizontal and vertical view movement
-Full Demo Scene
-Implemented Documentation: mouse-over any variable in the inspector to view it's detailed description. All the knowledge is right there where you work.
-And more!

Move it with Pure Movement!

Asset version: 1.5
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