TriLib - Model loader package v1.9.0b - Hotfix

TriLib - Model loader package

TriLib is a Unity model loader package designed to allow the user to load various 3D model formats inside the Unity editor or during the game execution.

Imports 40+ file formats.
Supports external and embedded materials.
Supports skinned meshes and animations.
Supports blend-shapes.
Mesh post-processing features.
Multi-platform: Windows Store, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS and WebGL.

Supported file formats:

Known issues/limitations:

Basic usage:

WebGL demo:

Important: WebGL target not compatible with Unity 2019 yet

WebGL Template download:

This asset uses:

Assimp under 3-Clause BSD License;
STB Image Library under MIT License (MIT);
Unity Toolbag under MIT License (MIT);
SharpZipLib under MIT License (MIT);
Roboto Font under Apache License;
ZLIB under ZLIB License;
MiniZip under ZLIB License;
LibTiff under BSD License;

Asset version: 1.9.0b - Hotfix
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