Tessellation Shaders

Tessellation Shaders

Tessellation Shaders – download Unity asset

With this shaders you will be abble to increase the poly count of an asset and use a heightmap to create real 3d depth.

The Advanced shader will gives you the possiblity de control the tessellation based on the camera distance.
This will optimize the shader and avoid the tessellation effect if it's not really needed.

5 PBR Shaders included:
- Displacement Shader
- Tessellation Standard/2Height
- Tessellation Advanced/2Height

Features :

- Tiling : Control the tiling on all the maps at once (Diffuse, normal, height,..ect)
- Invert heightmap
- Contrast
- Displacement/multiplicator
- Smooth displacement map (blur)
- Tessellation mask ( zone excluded from the tessellation)
- Ignore displacement (the tessellation mask will ignore both tessellation and displacement properties)
- Tessellation/multiplicator
- Max Distance

The shader can break the smoothing groups (hard edges).
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