Volumetric Blood Fluids v1.0.1

Volumetric Blood Fluids

Volumetric Blood Fluids – download Unity asset

Works on all platforms (PC/Consoles/Android/IOS)
Works with all rendering methods (standard/URP/HDRP/VR)
Pack includes 17 blood prefabs with baked fluids and decals

-Works out of the box. Just drag and drop on a scene
-Easy scaling (using transform scale)
-Any color
-Any layer for the decal rendering
-Decals appear depend on the height of a blood position (up to 2~5 meters)
-Used the screen space decals (it required depth buffer).
It's fast enough. This method does not duplicate a mesh like a projector and used only 12 triangles per decal.

-The decals can be applied to any surface with angle deviation up to 90 degrees. Also It can be projected on the floor and walls at the same time (but with a little overhead)
-Used instanced rendering for the blood and decals You can render the same blood prefab 500 times in two draw calls
-The number of triangles per effect 3k-6k.

Unfortunately, there is no universal way to project a decal at the point of impact. Because each project used different moving models, different uv, different shaders.
So I use a screen space decal (with a limit of 90 degrees) and attach it to a moving object or to the bones.

Asset version: 1.0.1
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