POLYGON - Particle FX Pack (Unity Only)

POLYGON - Particle FX Pack (Unity Only)

Download Unity Asset – POLYGON – Particle FX Pack

A particle FX asset pack of Fire, Water, Smoke, Dust, Dirt, Blood, Nature,Weapons, Magic and more, to add to your Polygon style game.

◼ Key Features ◼
- 180 particle FXs

◼ Asset Includes - ◼
Particle FXs
Bubble FX (x2)
Gore FX (x2)
Cartoony FX (x5)
Confetti FX (x2)
UI FX (x3)
Dust FX (x3)
Electricity FX (x2)
Explosion FX (x4)
Fireworks FX (x5)
Fire FX (x16)
Bug FX (x3)
Fog FX (x2)
Ground FX (x1)
Lazer FX (x1)
Lightning FX (x1)
Impact FX (x8)
Nature FX (x2)
Loot FX (x6)
Pickup FX (x6)
Poison FX (x2)
Magic FX (x26)
Rain FX (x2)
Shard FX (x8)
Weapon FX (x22)
Slash FX (x4)
Smoke FX (x8)
Snow (x2)
Spark FX (x6)
Stunned FX (x2)
Steam FX (x5)
Light FX (x4)
Swirl FX (x4)
Trail FX (x4)
Water FX (x2)
Wind FX (x3)
Nuke FX (x2)

◼ Compatibility ◼
- Works in Unity 2017.4 and above
- Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP) - URP Guide Here

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