Complete Railway Model System v1.3

Complete Railway Model System

Complete Railway Model System – download Unity asset

How Railway Model System Works

New Mountain Tunnel System

At high level, the system has 3 core components:

- Editor window to create rail tracks and save in text file and scriptable asset.
- Create saved track at real time or create track prefab
- Train and wagons moving system

Plus 3 animated :

- Rail interchange system
- Rail crossing system
- Two rails to one interchange system

And a very powerful station panel control, where the player can :

- Interact with all rail interchange
- View all trains positions
- Change, based on current selected train, change speed, camera view etc…
- The player can also interact with rail interchange directly on railway while trains moves

With RailWay System, you can create:

- Railway Tracks
- Model Railway

What Can you do with created models:

- Save as prefab then use as you like
- Let your game users to create real time tracks then play with them
- Create Models Railway then create game level

Some features:

- Locomotor and Wagons already integrated in the model
- Working Rail Crossing
- Working Rail Interchanges
- Railway Bridge
- Railway Bridge Cross
- Road / Rail Crossing
- Stationmaster panel control
- Rail Interchanges real-time changing direct on gear or by stationmaster panel
- Real-time view trains position on stationmaster panel
- Train stop on station
- Train Anti collision system

Asset version: 1.3
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