Action RPG Framework v0.99

Action RPG Framework

Action RPG Framework is focused on providing AAA mouse and keyboard controls for top-down games like Action RPG, Hack'n'Slash or a Shooter. Also included:

• Now you can change/modify several skills archetypes without a need for scripting.
• WASD and Mobile controls support.
• Monster AI. Melee and Spell caster archetypes. Monster stats customization, random generation and rarity.
• Monsters management: Spawn System - allows to "paint" level with enemies.
• 4.6 UI toolbar - includes all graphics, UI input, health and mana globe.
• Several skills archetypes - shooting, spell casting, melee combat.
• Modular level assets - including large number of prefabs.
• Leveling system - includes character sheet, leveling up system, experience gains from mobs, mobs character sheet.
• Inventory system - inventory script, items pickup system.
• Smooth door opening system - fog of war system, locking/unlocking with icons

Asset version: 0.99
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