Call Of Cause

Call Of Cause

Call Of Cause – download Unity asset (Complect Project)

Unity 3d Engine 5.6 Compatible Call of Cause [Android & IOS easy to convert]

New Main menu User Friendly Webinar layout First time introduce in Publically!

Hud System Easy to find Target.

==========================Source Code Document=======================

Video Tutorials

Weapons Change – GUI Change -Character’s Change-Ads Network-Missions Prefab Ready etc.

Unity 5.6 Recommend

Project Size : 660MB

Well Documents


3rd person shooting game

Missionary base Gameplay

► 20 Missions Gameplay

► Big Maps(Infected Areas)

► 10 Weapons(Laser Gun,USP-45,DEAGLE,MAC-10,MP5,AK47,M4A1,SG-552,1014,SCOUT,SG-550,)

► 2 Grenades(Flash Bang, He grenade)

► Best Game Sound Effects

► Best Unity Particle Effects

► All Platform Compatible UI-UX

► Fully Documents Video + Tuts

► Easy Risking
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