Slots Perfect Kit v1.5

Slots Perfect Kit

Slots Perfect Kit – download Unity asset

Slots Perfect Kit is a full package to create Slots games easily.
- It is compatible with mobile as well as standalone and webplayer.
- All scripts are written with c#
- uGui only (doesn’t require other asset)
- Unity5 Ready.

- Change Reel count(3~10) and row count(3~7) in custom inspector dynamically.
- Add Symbols with frequency per reel without limitation.
- Add Pay line without limitation.
- Show Pay lines player won.
- Freespin by Scatter.
- Play automatically.
- Display freespin result popup at the end of freespin.
- Display freespin left count info.
- Show 5inrow & bigwin & freespin popup
- Full column Wild Symbol
- 3 types of RNG (Unity,DotNet, Mersenne Twister)
- Return rate simulation on inspector
- Intro, Lobby, Game Scene
- Auto Save & Load Player's Gold & Option Settings
- Auto spin (keep spin automatically while enough credit)
- Set event function at every Reel states and popup states.
- PayTable info popup create automatically.
- Indicate(Prediction) effects when probability of bonus or scatter.
If there are more than 2 symbols of bonus or scatter, reel spins more time then normal.
- Double minigame included

Asset version: 1.5
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