Space RTS - Starter Pack v1.3

Space RTS - Starter Pack

Space RTS – Starter Pack – download Unity asset

This Starter Kit provides a quick and easy way to build an RTS with a Space setting.

Fits perfect for beginners or as prototype for a look and feel of any amazing space rts you have in mind but also has the potential to be expanded for any professional use. Very modular components, lots of code comments and documentation. Hope you enjoy using it as much as i love developing it.

* Combat System
* Beatiful nebulas
* RTS camera (with zoom, panning, etc)
* Units selection (individually or in a group)
* Give commands to the selected units (move to position, gather resource, etc)
* Structure and units building (Consumes resources, placement validation, etc)
* Resource gathering and consumption
* Pathfinding using the Unity built-in NavMesh
* Simple ui to integrate unit selection and building system.
* Code full of comments
* Scripts reference available
* The systems are extremly modular, you can just cut out most of it and the rest are going to run anyway.
* beautiful inmersive environment
* Contains managed libraries but it can be replaced with the source code following some steps

- Other Packs Integration:
---- A* Pathfinding Project (link)
---- Behaviour Designer (link)

- Other Packs Integration:
---- Node Canvas
- Correct Touch support for mobile.

- Grid shader to allow measure of space.
- Generic Space Skybox for inmerce ambience.
- Customizable selection marker.
- Simple UI for unit building.
- 6 types of units configured through scriptable objects with it's respective visual prefab.

Asset version: 1.3
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