Unity Complete Projects: templates, packs, systems

Auto Chess

Auto Chess v1.0

Racing Project Kit

Racing Project Kit v1.6.2

Stellar Sprites

Stellar Sprites v1.2

Faucet Player System - Physics Character Controller and Game Systems

Faucet Player System - Physics Character Controller and Game Systems v1.5

StarFlite Space Starter Toolkit

StarFlite Space Starter Toolkit v1.7

FPS Shooter Kit

FPS Shooter Kit v1.0

MFPS 2.0: Multiplayer FPS

MFPS 2.0: Multiplayer FPS v1.7.5f2

Complete Railway Model System

Complete Railway Model System v1.3

Archery Motion Pack

Archery Motion Pack v0.904

Shooter Motion Pack

Shooter Motion Pack v0.185

Swimming Motion Pack

Swimming Motion Pack v0.66

Sword & Shield Motion Pack

Sword & Shield Motion Pack v0.393

Third Person Motion Controller

Third Person Motion Controller v2.807

Match 3 Sweet Sugar

Match 3 Sweet Sugar v1.4

Third Person Controller - Shooter Template

Third Person Controller - Shooter Template v2.5.3


Clayxels v1.2

VR Interaction Framework for Oculus

VR Interaction Framework for Oculus v1.51

Action RPG Framework

Action RPG Framework v0.99

Top Down 2D RPG Kit - Starter Version

Top Down 2D RPG Kit - Starter Version v1.3.6.1

2D Endless Runner Kit

2D Endless Runner Kit v1.07

Sportbike PRO kit

Sportbike PRO kit v1.5

Race N Kill

Race N Kill v1.0

Smash Way : Hit Pyramids

Smash Way : Hit Pyramids v1.1


Hexa! v1.3