PISTOL PRO: MoCap Animation Pack v2.2

PISTOL PRO: MoCap Animation Pack

PISTOL PRO: MoCap Animation Pack – download Unity asset

528+ Pistol Motion Capture Animations

Update: Version 2.7A2
All Animations Humanoid
Root Motion and In-Place
Reference Root Motion
480 Animations, 48 Aim Offsets - 868 Total Files

Watch the Demo on Vimeo:
(Highlight Video does not show all animations in Pack. Please see Sketchfab Viewer and Motion List for true Pack contents)

INCLUDES: Idles, Walks, Jogs, Runs, Crouches, Strafing, Aim Offsets, Shooting, Turns, Jumps, Split Jumps, Deaths and Transitions.

Lowered Crouch Turns
Minor Fixes
- All Animations Set to Humanoid
- 2.7A1 - Animations Root Transform Rotation and Position set to "Original" and Bake Into Pose for correct default behavior.
- Transitions with matching connections to Rifle and Mobility. Including Rifle/Pistol swaps and Holster animations.
- A large set of Military Pistol animations for a third-person shooter game.
- Version 2.7A matches the animation set and features in Rifle Pro 2.7A.
- It has transitions to swap between Pistol and Rifle as well as holstering the Pistol to transition to the Mobility Pack with no weapon.
- Includes aim offsets and Split Jumps in all directions.
- 1911_Pistol_01 - A matching fully textured Pistol has been included as a separate asset .fbx file. It has been parented into the hierarchy in the "Demo" scene.

- Includes documents with Tips on Avatars and Avatar Adjustments, and "Reference" root motion.

Asset version: 2.2
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