WA: Assault Rifle v1.0

WA: Assault Rifle

High-quality Assault rifle. It's a little part of our big project WORLD ARMY .

Separated into 5 parts for customization. (main/butt/EoTech/flasligh/IN_illuminator)
High resolution textures (Diffuse/Specular/Normal) made specifically for marmoset render. But also look great with a standard renderer with my custom SpecularReflexive Shader.

Contains 3 LOD. 9k for FPS Screen, 3k for medium and 1k for a long distance.

Version 1.03 Changes:

1. Added Fire Effects. Two different effects - Single shot and automatic fire (with simple shooting script for demo)
2. Added some tectures for EO tech.
3. Some texture fixes.
4. Added Shoot sound.

Asset version: 1.0
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