Open World Nature Kit v1.2.2

Open World Nature Kit

Open World Nature Kit – download Unity asset

Build AAA quality stylized environments with ease

Use the trees, vegetation, and rocks in this pack to quickly create worlds for your game and make them even larger. Focus on the features that make your game unique, without having to worry if you have enough content to fill your game world.

Supports all platforms* and all render pipelines
✔ Standard RP · Unity 2018.4+
✔ High-Definition RP 7.0+ · Unity 2019.3+
✔ Universal RP 7.0+ · Unity 2019.3+

All screenshots were made with the standard render pipeline in Unity 2019.2

Works best with Nature Renderer.
Combine with Nature Renderer to get the best rendering quality for your terrain vegetation.

Physically Based Rendering.
Use all models in any lighting conditions with our carefully tweaked PBR materials.

Wind Shaders.
Make your grass, vegetation, and trees sway in the wind. Comes with multiple presets to choose from (calm wind, breeze, strong wind, storm). Can be controlled with Unity’s Wind Zones.

LOD and Billboards for all trees.
Optimized for performance so that you can create thousands of trees. Trees automatically use lower detail levels and billboards for trees far in the distance.

Tweakable Colors for all vegetation.
Change the color of your trees, plants, and grass for different seasons or create artistic color palettes.

Additional Features:
- Colliders are set up for all models that need them.
- GPU Instancing supported.
- Post-Processing Stack profiles included.
- Prefabs are set up with navigation, occlusion culling, and lightmapping settings.

Package Contents:
- 7x Pine Trees
- 5x Broadleaf Trees
- 3x Other Trees
- 3x Shrubs/Young Trees
- 2x Bushes
- 4x Flowers
- 5x Rocks
- 6x Grass
- 2x Ground Vegetation
- 4x Ground Materials
- Grass, Vegetation, Tree Shaders
- Forest Demo Scene

Asset Details:
- All textures are 2K or higher resolution.
- Albedo, Normal, Occlusion, Translucency, and packed Mask Map (for HDRP) included.
Triangles (LOD0 · LOD1 · Billboard):
△ Trees: 1.9K~10K · 0.8K~2K · 2
△ Bushes: 1k~6K · 100~800 · 2
△ Flowers: 32~131
△ Grass: 8~220
△ Vegetation: 100~300 · 100
△ Rocks: 32~131

More content and features are on the way.
Future updates are included with your purchase.

*Demo scenes are intended for PC & Consoles. When creating scenes for mobile we recommend to use fewer objects, lower LOD, and bake lighting. This pack is mainly intended for non-mobile platforms.

Asset version: 1.2.2
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