PolyWorld: Ancient East Low Poly Toolkit v2.4

PolyWorld: Ancient East Low Poly Toolkit

PolyWorld: Ancient East Low Poly Toolkit – download Unity asset

Polyworld: Ancient East Low PolyToolkit is the second iteration in a suite of tools and 3D artwork to create a flat-shaded, low poly world.

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*Woodland and Ancient East have the same scripts, but only Ancient East has the special ModifyColor script!

NEW! V2.0!
Terrain Generation has been completely rewritten!

-All new prefabs and props in the medieval Chinese style, most with 3 levels of LODs for performance.

-Exclusive Modify Color script which enables you to create effortless color variety in all PolyWorld meshes.

-Create your world using the familiar Unity Terrain tools and heightfields, paint infinite terrain textures, then convert that to a faceted, Polyworld terrain.

-Convert any mesh, even characters, to the PolyWorld style. Any 3d object in the asset store can be used! *blendshapes not supported yet

-14 faceted skyboxes with associated ambient cubemaps give you a variety of lighting conditions.

-Powerful mesh combine script to reduce draw calls for mobile

-Demo scene included!

-Compatible with Gaia!

There will be imitators, but no other pack in the store offers what PolyWorld can do.

Asset version: 2.4
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