Vanguard Hero Pack: Fantasy Game Models v1.2

Vanguard Hero Pack: Fantasy Game Models

This pack contains eight fantasy-themed characters, eight mountable weapons, and 52 animations!

Eye, hair and skin colors are fully customizable and any character can make use of any weapon or animation. A demo scene is included which lets you preview all characters with different animations.

Knight, Blademaster, Assassin, Hunter, Fire Wizard, Ice Wizard, Shadow Priest, Holy Priest

Longsword, Sword, Assassin's Bow, Hunter's Bow, Fire Staff, Ice Staff, Holy Mace, Dark Scythe

Angry, Beg, Bow, Bow Attacl. Cheer, Clap, Cry, Death, Dodge, Double Take, Eagle Strike, Facepalm, Flex, Idle, Idle (Combat), Jump, Kick, Kiss, Laugh, Magic A, Magic B, Magic C, No, Phoenix Strike, Pick Me, Point, Pout, Punchline, Roll Backwards, Roll Forward, Roll Right, Run, Salsa, Salute, Shoo, Sit Down, Sit Idle, Sit Up, Stunned, Sunblade, Swim Backwards, Swim Forward, Swim Idle, Swim Left, Swim Right, Take Damage, Taunt, Walk, Warcry, Wave, Yawn, Yes

Asset version: 1.2
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