FANTASTIC - Village Pack v1.3

FANTASTIC - Village Pack

FANTASTIC – Village Pack – download Unity asset

This pack contains 437 unique assets to easily build your own village. Thanks to the modularity of the building assets you can create a vast variety of housings and build defenses for your village with modular walls, fences and spikes.

IMPORTANT: Demoscenes and materials are set up using Lightweight Render Pipeline/Universal Render Pipeline. This pack contains the complete FANTASTIC - Food Pack which can also be purchased separately. This pack does not include vegetation assets* (flowers, bushes, trees, grass).

*UPDATE: As a free bonus this pack now also contains 1 pine tree, 1 bush and 1 grass asset from our FANTASTIC - Nature Pack . They are compatible with Unity Terrain and can be customized regarding wind movement.

Also contains Demoscenes for day and night and a Documentation to get you started!

3D Assets:
- 83 modular building assets
- 14 preassembled buildings
- 247 unique prop assets
- 90 food items
- Free bonus: 1 tree, 1 bush and 1 grass asset
All the models, except the food assets, have a custom lightmap UV in the second channel.

- Polycount props: 8 - 1604 tris
- Polycount food: 8 - 400 tris
- Polycount building assets: 42 - 2568 tris

- Handpainted skyboxes for day and night, each in 8K
- 26 tileable textures which are all 2K (except gold which is 256x256)
- 4 terrain textures, each in 2K
- Texture for fire and steam FX
- 2 textures for tree, bush and grass
- Various other textures such as flags, signs, hay and so on.

Custom shaders were created using Unity Shader Graph
- Customizable shader for the flag's wind movement
- Customizable shader for water
- Customizable shaders for grass, bush and tree leaves wind movement

- Stylized particle effect for fire and steam
- Stylized wind trail effect

Asset version: 1.3
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