Medieval Tools v1.2

Medieval Tools

This package contains 5 high quality tools that could be used in a variety of circumstances. They use the same 2048x2048 texture and they have normal maps to add the extra detail.

This package now also contains 4 high quality weapons that could be used in a medieval game. A one handed axe, boar spear, two handed sword and buckler shield are included. Each of the 4 models has a Diffuse, Normal, Specular/Height and Gloss texture. The Spear and Axe share textures to save space.

Asset version: 1.2
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    1. Hello. There is a site of the creator of the project A * Pathfinding Project pro
      Could you please give me links to download old versions of this project?
      links are under the spoiler "Show old versions"
      I need links to RTS. I would really appreciate you
      screenshot -
      I thank you for your work, but please merge these files