Modern Guns Pack v4.2

Modern Guns Pack

Modern Guns Pack – download Unity asset

Nokobot's Modern Guns Pack v4
** HDRP/URP Support coming soon!

* Optimized for Mobile and VR *

We are thrilled to finally bring you our new upgraded and polished version of the popular Modern Guns pack.

This updated version includes separated parts for all weapons. This means you can now easily and freely animate the weapons. These parts include: Trigger, Hammer, Sights, Selector and Reload mechanism.

The weapons have also been rescaled and polished to more appropriately fit in your game as well as making it easier to just drag and drop into the project.

The Modern Guns Pack v4 is our ultimate weapon pack, created with the you, the game developer, in mind. Every weapon has been carefully made to look great with a small poly count. As well as manually adjusted for maximum ease of use, both for gameplay and animation.

The package includes a total of 8 weapons and 54 Prefabs - 2 Assault Rifles, a Sniper Rifle, a Submachine Gun, a Handgun, a Shotgun, a Rocket Launcher and a Melee Weapon.
Each weapon includes it's specific bullet (with separated casing and head) and a separated magazine clip (with a full and empty prefabs).


AK47 Assault Rifle (3186 tris) - with 2 skins.
M16 Assault Rifle (3428 tris).
UMP 45 Submachine Gun (3188 tris).
L96 Sniper Rifle (2694 tris) - with 3 skins.
M1911 Handgun (1479 tris) - with 3 skins.
Mossberg 590 Shotgun (1612 tris).
RPG-7 Rocket Launcher (2322 tris).
Crowbar (164 tris).
Weapon Crate (2328 tris).
Bullets : 762x39mm (136 tris), 762x51mm (136 tris), 566x45mm (148 tris), 45ACP (136 tris), 12 Gauge (116 tris), RPG (224 tris).

Textures (Albedo, Metallic, Normal):
All Weapons - 2048px
All Magazines - 1024px.
All Bullets - 512px.

Bonus :
Firing Animation - All Weapons.
Reload Animation - Sniper Rifle, Shotgun.
Display Room Scene - Weapon Table, Weapon Rack.

Asset version: 4.2
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