Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK and Nuitrack SDK v2.19.2

Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK and Nuitrack SDK

This is a set of Kinect-v2 (aka ‘Kinect for Xbox One’) examples that use several major scripts, grouped in one folder. The package contains over thirty demo scenes.

Apart of the Kinect-v2 and v1 sensors, the K2-package supports Intel's RealSense D400-series, as well as Orbbec Astra & Astra-Pro sensors via the Nuitrack body tracking SDK. Please mind that Nuitrack SDK is in early stage, and issues are possible.

The avatar-demo scenes show how to utilize Kinect-controlled avatars in your scenes, gesture-demos - how to use programmatic or visual gestures, fitting room demos - how to create your own dressing room, overlay demos - how to overlay body parts with virtual objects, etc

This package works with Kinect-v2, Kinect-v1 (aka Kinect for Xbox One & Kinect for Xbox 360), Intel RealSense D415 & D435, Orbbec Astra & Astra-Pro, and other Nuitrack supported sensors, as well. It can be used in all versions of Unity - Free, Plus & Pro.

Asset version: 2.19.2
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