Download Unity assets: 3D models, animation, particles, materials and other

Unity assets, download free

A general category in which you can download a lot of assets for the popular game engine Unity 5, Unity 2017 (and other versions). As you know, Assets (from the English asset) are ready-made sets of resources in the format of a game engine that you can use in your 3D and 2D games, interactive applications and other projects based on the Unity Game Engine. Typically, these resource collections are packaged in a special .unitypackage file format and can be easily imported into your scenes and projects.

The category is divided into thematic sections, where you can find and download the following resources:

  • 3D-models for Unity: characters, animals, technology, weapons, the details of the environment, ready levels, structures, plants (grass, bushes, trees), props (objects for filling locations), miscellaneous.
  • Animations: ready MoCap, Biped and other animations for characters of people, animals, monsters, weapons, equipment and other objects.
  • Audio: music, audio effects, ambient, sound backgrounds, ready to voice for characters, monsters, weapons, technology, locations.
  • Projects: ready-made games, complex systems of characters, weapons, equipment, locations and scripts, game prefabs, templates, training materials, miscellaneous.
  • Additions for the editor: working with sprites, landscape, animations and sounds, GUI and effects, visual scripting, drawing, modeling, etc.
  • Particle systems for games: fire, shots, explosions, magic effects, smoke, fog, water, rain, snow, weather, different.
  • Ready scripts (programs): artificial intelligence (AI), script animations, input-output interface, GUI, physics, network code, object behavior, effects, miscellaneous.
  • Shaders: DirectX 11, surface and special, substances, camera effects, post-processing, shaders for mobile devices.
  • Textures and materials in the Unity engine format: for characters, levels, technology, weapons, buildings and objects, terrain (landscape) effects, environments, GUI and others.

To each Asset, if possible, full information about its version, composition and purpose, the version of the engine on which it works, the author, the site, the file size and so on.

Unity engine for today is rightfully considered the most popular both in the gaming industry, and in the development of three-dimensional interactive applications, virtual reality projects, architectural visualizations in real time. Having a low entry threshold, the widest opportunities in the free version, a large number of translated into Russian language reference and training materials, a huge community around the world, Unity attracts millions of beginners and professional developers of game projects and applications. Separately it is worth noting the expanded multiplatform capabilities and a large number of developed applications and games for mobile devices. Among the latest projects AAA-class, created on this engine, you can select the game Escape from Tarkov - a realistic storyline multiplayer online role-playing shooter. Also on Unity were created such famous games as Affected Zone, Demones, Naval Action, Warside, Battlestar galactica online, Astro lords, Drakensang online, Shards of War and many others.