Unreal Engine Blueprints - The Ultimate Developer Course

Unreal Engine Blueprints - The Ultimate Developer Course

Udemy – Unreal Engine Blueprints – The Ultimate Developer Course

This course will teach you how to create video games using Unreal Engine's Blueprint system. Blueprints allows you to create top quality video games without any experience coding. You will create three complete video games, and we will package the third game for mobile and test on an actual mobile device! Learn all the basic game development skills including character mobility and animation, particle and sound effects, HUD elements like progress bars and on-screen animated text widgets, hazards and explosives, pickups, dynamic materials, gameplay mechanics like switches, doors, and much, much more!

What you’ll learn:
Students will create 3 complete games including a mobile game and will test it on their mobile device.
Students will learn how to get beautiful game props, characters and environments online for free.
Students will learn Unreal Engine's Blueprint scripting system, which they will use to create gameplay.
Students will create games without needing to learn coding.
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Any student who is interested in making games can take this course.
Who this course is for:
Beginners with no game development experience.
Experienced developers who want to brush up on their skills.
Programmers who want to solidify their Blueprint scripting skills.
Anyone who wants to release games and earn a side income from game sales.

Stephen Ulibarri
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