Unity 3D – Create a Top Down Camera with Editor Tools

Unity 3D – Create a Top Down Camera with Editor Tools

Udemy – Unity 3D – Create a Top Down Camera with Editor Tools

Learn to create a Camera for your Top Down Games

Skill level: Beginner Level
Languages: English
Video: 1.5 total hours

Welcome to the Top Down Camera Course! Brought to you by Indie-Pixel. In this course we will walk through the process of creating a Top Down Camera like those seen in orthographic games. We will walk through the code logic, step by step. We will then Create a basic editor tool to make it easier for anyone to edit. Finally we will look at ways to automate the setup of the camera and how to make the code more re-usable by basing our classes. By the end you will have your very own Top Down Camera components that you can use in any Unity project! Best thing is that its free!

What you’ll learn
Create your own Top Down Cameras in Unity 3D
Understand how to automate the setup of Cameras in Unity 3D
An insight into how to build editor tools for Unity 3D
How to create custom menu items in Unity to automate workflows
A solid understanding of Vectors to build motion for Cameras

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
You should have some experience with Unity 3D and at least know how to use its interface
You should have a beginner level knowledge of C# for Unity
An interest in learning how to automate setups in Unity and build Editor Tools

Who this course is for:
The Unity user who wants to take thier beginner skills to the next level
A Unity developer who wants to get into tools development
Anyone interested in camera setups within Unity 3d

Indie - Pixel
Technical Artist / Programmer / 3D Artist

I began this whole journey through art. When in high school I developed a very strong interest in drawing and 2D animation. From there I began to get enveloped into the work of 3D. After Graduating High school I
attended the Art Institute of Seattle. There I gained my AA degree in
Computer animation. I interned at Surreal Software, then moved onto
working on the very first version of Xbox at Microsoft. I worked on NFL
fever 2000, NHL Rivals 2002, and Inside Drive. From there I have worked
at Activision, again at Microsoft, my own companies Creative TD and
Ozone Interactive, and am now exploring Interactive Arts experiences at Indie Pixel. There have been many things
along the way but my love is in 3D, real-time arts, shaders, procedural
content creation, math, modeling, texturing, and helping others through
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